Preoperative evaluation and patient preparation

Author: Ivo Křikava, Martin Kovář, Radovan Lamoš

Institution: Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno

Medical discipline: Emergency Medicine

Keywords: preoperative evaluation | preoperative preparation | FAST

Educational evel: Undergraduate level | Graduate

Usually, the work of a young anaesthetist in perioperative care is vital. Therefore, much attention should be paid to it. Preoperative evaluation is commonly made before all surgical procedures. Nevertheless, its extent differs whether it is elective or emergency surgery and at the same time age and other comorbidities must be considered as well. Because it would be impossible to cover all the variations on one patient the algorithm includes more patients with various perioperative status. These patients should be prepared for different types of surgery (acute vs. elective). While solving the algorithm you can meet the same patient more than once, therefore, it is necessary to stay concentrated.

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Multimedial educational algorithm „Preoperative evaluation and patient preparation for anaesthesia and surgery“ simulates mental processing and decision making of an anaesthetist in clinical praxis. The authors offer for each model situation three possible solutions, just one of them being correct. The most common cases are presented: patients with various complications scheduled for elective surgery as well as patients indicated for acute surgery with different levels of urgency. Case reports are accompanied by illustrative pictures and necessary results of auxiliary examinations.  I appreciate the well-chosen topics and detailed step by step algorithm from first decision to final solution of each case.  

publikováno: 25. 5. 2017 | last modified on: 1. 6. 2020