Resuscitation of pregnant woman

Author: Martina Kosinová, MD, Patrícia Bartolenová, Michaela Cipovová

Institution: Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno

Medical discipline: Emergency Medicine

Keywords: cardiac arrest | resuscitation | pregnancy | emergency caesarian section

Educational evel: Undergraduate level | Graduate

Although cardiac arrest in pregnancy is rare, it can be really unpleasant situation for every doctor. There are a lot of causes, e.g. cardiac failure, bleeding, coagulation disorder or trauma. In this algoritm you can go through basic and advanced life support of mother with emphasis on specifics in resuscitation in pregnancy according to the quidelines.

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Incident – a commented case report of cardiac arrest in parturients at the obstetrical ward is actually situated in a personalised, technical and material enviroment – a prognostically relatively favourable situation if the extreme situation is readily and logically properly managed. The tasks are tight, defined and are at the level of quality solution compared to characteristic mistakes, accompanying uncoordinated rush and professional chaos.
The case report presented in this way is highly complex. Besides the learned basic CPR, it also has its logistics and its priorities: its task is not only to immediately start CRP as we all learn, but also to quickly activate other present stuff, and then the adept must be included in the role that is his responsibility and will be determined.
It demonstrates the necessary knowledge and supports the creation of abilities to apply immediately in an unexpected, extreme and specific situation in the follow-up clinical situation.
The algorithm, its presentation, and the MCQ follow-up are, in my opinion, well adapted to the current requirements of CPR 2015.

publikováno: 13. 4. 2016 | last modified on: 27. 10. 2019