Advanced Life Support in bradycardia

Author: MUDr. Petr Štourač, MUDr. Zuzana Ďurišová, Lenka Maková, Michal Malý

Institution: Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno

Medical discipline: Emergency Medicine

Keywords: ALS in bradycardia | atropine | risk of asystole | transcutaneous/ transvenous pacing

Educational evel: Undergraduate level | Graduate

The presented algorithm provides additional procedure in the current recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council. This is a possible scenario of real emergency ambulance of any medical facility.

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Presented algorithm accurately depicts the reality of situation in a patient with symptomatic bradycardia. It describes the wide variability of successful possibilities of solving the situation. Large amount of information gets the student again in justification of incorrect answers. Although this algorithm is presented in hospital facilities, therefore is considered to be an ALS, thanks to some mentioned steps student can manage similar situation of symptomatic bradycardia also under conditions of BLS.

publikováno: 20. 12. 2011 | last modified on: 13. 9. 2019